Embrace digital transformation

Fintech OS is a fintech accelerator software platform that combines cutting edge digital technology with a powerful financial core to enable a fast paced, agile & complete digital transformation of banks and insurance companies.

Accelerate time to market

Employing a wide array of interconnected apps, Fintech OS is capable of reaching the completion phase faster than ever before.

See how Fintech OS compares to traditional IT development in the
financial industry.

See it in action

Here are some examples of applications you can build with
the Fintech OS platform


Unleash the power of Fintech OS for a comprehensive banking experience, through all channels and devices. Tailor products, run paperless processes and maintain smart communication based on customer genome, backed up at all times by Fintech OS`s secure and compliant policy.

The rich and meaningful Fintech OS AppStore offers a full stack of financial apps waiting for you to plug-and-play, enhance and launch them on the market, for a faster time-to-value. It’s in at your power fingertips to build an app and publish it in your AppStore, benefiting other subsidiaries.

In effect , Fintech OS allows you to escalate and grants customers a whole new level of financial services.

Fintech OS bridges the gap between robust risk assessment, the right mix of policies suitable for the interests of your target audience and all the other underwriting processes.

Deep learning trained AIs assure automation for low-value tasks while simultaneously enabling operational efficiency and accelerating growth.

IoT technology confers the perfect mix of benefits, protection and risks coverage that comes together into customised individual quotations. Get real loyalty programs in insurance by using Fintech OS.

Enable Digital Transformation in your Organization