Partners benefits

What’s in it for you

Access to rich knowledge-base and expertise

Draw on Fintech OS wide pool of technical and business expertise,
experience, skills and networks.

Long-term stability and heathy partnership

Achieve greater business goals through an expanded and
sustainable partnership.

Sky-high effectiveness & efficiency

Due to Fintech OS enabling fit-for-purpose products and services, as well as to its native capabilities towards cost reduction, innovation re-use and duplication prevention.

Extensive support all along the process

Access to a committed and reliable support team ready to address your requirements and concerns, from conception to implementation and beyond.

Open door to fintech innovation lab

Join our bright, inspiring and vivid conversation towards the development of unexpected and disruptive ways of addressing old issues and complex challenges within the financial landscape.

Comprehensive technical, marketing and sales documentation

Access to documentation and regular development updates to get you acquainted with the products and services, and learn how best to utilize them to your advantage.

Develop full business potential

Enhance your professional skills and competencies in the work force, due
to prolific and valuable collaboration.

Partner training and enablement

Wide range of training options to suit your schedule, budget and

What we expect from you

Expertise in financial products and client implementation Market presence and lead generation in your region.
Deep knowledge of the processes and best practices used in target industry .
Commitment to build market knowledge of Fintech OS products Technical skills to customize Fintech OS products and platforms through implementation, third-party integrations, and custom workflows.
Experience managing customer support and customer relationships.